for me flowers are a need.  a compulsion.  a participation in the original creation.


I couldn't not grow flowers.  In every home I've lived I had a garden.  Some homes it's only been a few pots on a patio, but the flowers are there.  Flowers that come from a garden have a separate life than those brought in from a wholesaler.  They are softer and more relaxed.  The stems curve their way through the garden and form their own personality.  They are flawed.  Perfectly imperfect.  I begin every design with a walk in the garden looking for that inspiration nature has already created.

Our home and gardens are situated among a grove of hazlenut trees in the hills outside Silverton, OR.  Every day is windy and every day has a breathtaking view.  We grow as naturally as possible by investing heavily in our soil,  encouraging natural predators to pests and eliminating crops that are just too tempting (you might be out next year, dahlias!).